Evolution II - 2017
Acrylique sur toile / Acrylic on canvas - 180x120cm
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Clarissa Schaefer

Clarissa Schaefer is a multi-disciplinary who works in a large variety of media including painting, photography, drawing, collage, and sculpture. At the heart of her craft lies a profound journey of introspection, making her art a pure conduit for self-expression. Schaefer's work delves into an abstract realm, where she explores the significance of her environment, spanning from rural landscapes to the intricate tapestry of personal relationships. Her paintings aim to create a lens through which her audience can develop a fresh perspective, revealing profound meanings in the ordinary.

Central to Schaefer's large-scale paintings is her distinctive palette, characterized by vibrant ultramarines, cadmium yellows, and opulent oranges. These bright hues aim to intensify the emotional responses evoked by her art. For Schaefer, the emotions elicited hold an intrinsic value that transcends beyond aesthetics. While there are no clear representational elements depicted in her paintings, they emanate her sense of self through textured color fields. Rather than planning her compositions, Schaefer allows her current emotional and physical state to guide her work. In this process, traditional brushstrokes often give way to Schaefer's physical actions, such as scratching, gliding, and occasionally hammering. These actions imbue her paintings with a tangible human touch, emphasizing the importance of a physical connection with the canvas over automated technological devices.

Born in Germany, Schaefer relocated to South Africa during her childhood before settling in the rural surroundings of Blaye. She draws inspiration from the conceptual theories and artistic expressions of the Zero Art Movement, which aimed to convey raw emotion onto the canvas to engage the audience. Schaefer's work shares a similar ambition, igniting creative inspiration in onlookers.

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